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Video Producer

Having worked as an independent video producer for over 12 years – and being associated with several publishers during that time - I bring more than 'button-pushing' to the table.


Talented and immensely creative journalist with a commitment to high-quality research, writing and filming. Proven history of achievement in the industry with more than 7 years of professional experience. Dedication to exceptional research methods and a strong desire to know the truth of the matter. Excellent reporting and interviewing skills.

Content Creator

I see my job as not only creating quality videos in a timely manner, but making sure each video accomplishes the objective wanted by the client.Experience writing and reporting across a variety of platforms, including print, television, and online social media.

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About me
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Hi, this is Ibrahim Shehab

Fun AND serious!
Finding a committed person is a must to have good quality deliverables within your expected time frame. But since I love what I do, joy and positive vibes are spread along the way…

Culturally sensitive
I have worked in (more than 15 countries/with more than. 30 communities), and always consider the particular context of each location I am in. I talk to people, do my research homework, and be considerate as much as possible.

Been in war – and peace – zones
Being in conflict zones sharpened my skills and personality. It is always challenging to make good deliverables, or at least produce better ones. But it is way more difficult to do so in conflict areas. Am up to it!

Leading great experiences
CEO and executive manager of Moftah Productios S.A.R.L., The well-established Lebanon based production company that provided a broad range of affordable creative content and full production crew for variable production services in Lebanon, Turkey. and around the world.

Making the complex, simple


Production manager at KarakayaTalks since 2021

Discovered with X-prize the bottom of the ocean.

Carried messages from the depleted Lusatia to the city.

Remote places for BBC REEL

Been in war and peace zones

Told stories from every perspective

Lebanese rare cheese made in Jars - BBC Travel Story

Touched different topics.

Jahreswende film editor & audio recordist.

5 years working in conflict zones.

Nightlife coverage

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